SB 285, the State Civil Service Destruction Bill

SB285-page-001Gov. Walker and Republicans in Madison are wasting no time in their plot to dismantle Wisconsin’s landmark civil service law. Our current civil service system is designed to ensure fairness and integrity in the hiring and firing of all state employees. The proposals being debated in Madison would break our system, inserting politics and paving the way for political favoritism, givebacks and corruption.
Elected officials need to hear from you and be held accountable to their constituents.
Contact your legislators and tell them what you think of rigging our civil service system so that political friends and buddies get preferential treatment. Click here to send an email message to your state lawmakers today.
We cannot let these changes go unchecked. Together, we will let politicians in Madison know that the people are watching and will not sit back silently while our state’s long-standing and transparent civil service system is hijacked to benefit political cronyism.
Let’s keep the politics out of civil service.

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