Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Reports are coming in that the U.S. House could vote on Fast Track trade legislation as early as Friday. Fast Tracking bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership would outsource Wisconsin jobs and drive down wages in a race-to-the-bottom. Wisconsin is still bleeding jobs from NAFTA; we don’t need another NAFTA-style trade deal like the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be rushed through Congress in an up or down vote with limited debate.
URGENT: Now is the time for the voices of working families to be heard. Make a quick call to your Representative today, urging them to vote NO on Fast Track trade legislation.

We are gaining momentum with union members and working people across Wisconsin and the United States, making it clear that we need to stop Fast Track. Unfortunately a handful of House Democrats, including Congressman Ron Kind from Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, are joining with Republicans to support Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority.

The vote in the House is going to be close and we need all hands on deck to stop Fast Track.

Call your Representative today to see where they stand on Fast Track. Stopping Fast Track of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is crucial to protecting good jobs and strong communities for workers across the globe.Wisconsin workers have already lost too many jobs to bad trade deals. Fast Track trade authority of the Trans-Pacific Partnership would ship good jobs away from our communities, drive down our wages and give corporations even more control over our lives.

We need fair and balanced trade deals that protect the rights of workers, our environment and food and drug safety standards. There is a way to make fair trade rules that put people and the planet before profits, but Fast Track isn’t it.

In Solidarity,

Phil Neuenfeldt, President

Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer

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